Top products for oil change and vehicle maintenance

Magnetpro is a Scandinavian importer, distributor and retailer. Our range includes market proven, top selling products for motor vehicles. We have sole distributor rights for GoldPlug LLC products in Scandinavia. Their magnetic oil drain plug range sells tens of thousands units every year. With their high quality essential products, GoldPlug is a market leader since 2002, serving customers like US Army National Guard. We are also the authorized importer and distributor of Japan's Fumoto Giken Ltd. Their patented oil drain valves received a 'Genuine Part' status from six car manufacturers in Japan, i.a. Toyota and Nissan. Fumoto valves are factory installed on Caterpillar and Ford trucks in US and are trusted by over 10 million customers to date.

GoldPlug - Magneetic drain plugs

Use instead of a basic draing plug in engine or transmission. The magnetic plug will collect the metal shavings and even the tiniest particles from oil. Protection through out whole oil change interval, no matter the filter quality or bypass valve state. At oil change, check the shavings amount, wipe them off and reinstall. Highest quality products with lifetime warranty, machined of stainless steel in the USA. Extremely powerful and heat resistant N45SH magnet. Check the user reviews.

Fumoto - Oil drain valves

For frequent oil change applications, for troublesome drain valve placements or generally for fast and clean oil change. Valve is installed into drain hole and all future oil changes are done simply by turning the lever. This enables safe draining of hot/liquid oil, sampling and overfill removal. Valves have passed the tightest testing for quality and realibility. These lifetime warranty products are designed and manufactured in Japan with decades of experience. Check the user reviews.

Product availability

Both product ranges, that we import into Scandinavia, are top sellers worldwide. Being sold in retail shops, webstores and car service stations, with hundreds of thousands satisfied new users every year. Both products have their own essential benefits over basic drain plugs. The factors they have in common are high quality and practicality, and these do sell themselves! As a cost-efficient first-hand importer we are able to offer these products to dealers at a low price, enabling their good profit margin and sales volume. This serves all the co-operation parties and most importantly the end user. Products are delivered promptly via Finland’s reliable and inexpensive EU-shipping. We provide compatibility tables and wide support. Interested in becoming a dealer? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, wholesale pricing and test orders!

When buying from our official distributor in your area, you get a compatible plug or valve model right away or via fast local post delivery. Our repair shop partners install the correct product conveniently with your regular oil change. Our dealers will find a suitable product even for your rarest applications. When buying locally, you do not have to pay import taxes nor the VAT of your country (varies from 20 to 29%). Magnetpro, as the original importer, handles all that. Our customer service will gladly help with any product, dealer or purchase related question!